Points to remember

  • Make sure that only persons, who have been properly instructed, operate the security system.
  • Carefully close and secure all doors and windows before SETTING the security system.
  • Check that movement detectors are not obstructed.
  • Do not allow any source of heat or sound, or permit moving objects in range of your movement detectors. Check that there is no unstable stock, and ensure that no birds or stray animals are present.
  • Know the specified entry/exit route and keep to it when UNSETTING and SETTING. Do not enter other supervised areas until the system has been UNSET.
  • Treat your security system with care and report all accidental damage to us.
  • Inform us of any changes in the building and storage of contents, which may affect the security system.
  • Remember your password (if applicable). If your security system is one where the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) telephones your premises after an activation signal has been generated, then in the event of a false activation being generated, while you are at the premises, you should wait by your telephone (having first switched off any telephone answering machine). Do not set the system again after a false event until the fault has been determined.
  • Make sure your regular maintenance checks, are carried out by Protech Alarms.
  •  Remember that repetitive false activations may give rise to withdrawal of police response.
  •  Record all incidents and visits. Check that all keys are readily available and that code numbers (if applicable) are known before entry. Notify the ARC/RVRC of any changes in the SETTING and UNSETTING times, if these monitored.
  • Update your key holder telephone numbers if changed.